Nutri-Score could become EU’s front-of-pack nutrition labelling scheme if underlying algorithm is revised

July 07th 2020


Having reviewed the latest science, the European Heart Network (EHN) has adopted its position on front of pack nutrition labelling. 

EHN recommends that the EU consider adopting Nutri-Score as its harmonised, mandatory front-of-pack nutrition labelling scheme if – and only if – its algorithm is revised. The new algorithm must take into account national food-based dietary guidelines to achieve changes in dietary habits to promote cardiovascular health, as well as dietary health more broadly, across all EU Member States.

EHN recommends that a scientific committee of independent experts should be established to review and adapt the algorithm underpinning Nutri-Score. EHN also recommends that, pending an EU-wide scheme, EU Member States and other countries within the WHO European Region that do not yet have a government-endorsed scheme should opt for Nutri-Score or another government-endorsed scheme already in use in another European country while ensuring that the underlying algorithm supports national dietary guidelines.

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