EHN welcomes proposal to prohibit flavoured heated tobacco products

June 29th 2022


EHN welcomes the European Commission's latest proposal to prohibit the sale of flavoured heated tobacco products (HTPs) in the EU.

The proposal to prohibit the sale of flavoured HTPs is a welcome and important step towards a smoke-free generation. EHN's 2021 position paper on HTPs shows that HTPs are particularly harmful to the cardiovascular system as they increase heart rate and blood pressure. HTPs have similar devastating effects on cardiovascular health as conventional cigarettes and therefore policy actions should parallel that of conventional cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco products.

Birgit Beger, CEO of EHN says: ‘Considering the similarities in CVD outcome in users of HTPs and conventional cigarettes, it is EHN’s recommendation that both should be subject to the full effect of the Tobacco Products Directive (TDP). In countries where the TPD does not apply, HTPs should be subject to the same smoke-free legislation. This Commission proposal is another important step towards a smoke free generation.’