Position Papers

  • EHN Paper on eHealth

  • January 04th 2013
  • Preview

    The European Heart Network adopted its paper on eHealth, focusing on the implications for cardiovascular patients of the recent development of eHealth applications.

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  • Health for Growth Programme

  • November 14th 2011
  • EHN's comments to the Health for Growth programme

  • EHN's Position on Article 13.1 (claims)

  • October 20th 2011
  • EHN considers that the majority of claims in the working document on the establishment of the list of permitted health claims under the claims regulation’s article 13.1 are not relevant.

    Please find here the EHN position paper.

  • The European Heart Network calls for a centralised CVD patients registry

  • April 28th 2011
  • The European Heart Network, together with the European Society of Cardiology call for a centralised, comprehensive European cardiovascular diseases registry to ensure effective service planning and quality of care for patients across the EU. This would provide an important and effective tool for a patient-centred health care in the future.

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  • Nutrient Profiles

  • January 04th 2010
  • EHN has given its views on nutrient profiles models below.  EHN has also written a letter to MEPs explaining why nutrient profiles cannot be deleted from the 2006 Claims regulation.

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