AVMSD: ads promoting unhealthy food to children lead to heart disease and stroke

September 22nd 2016


The EC proposal for a new audiovisual media services directive (AVMSD) offers a unique opportunity to protect children from advertising linked to unhealthy eating behaviour.

EHN's note on AVMSD

The review of the AVMSD offers a unique opportunity to the EU to close existing gaps and require strong mandatory measures in line with existing evidence to reduce the marketing of HFSS foods to children, thus ensuring a high level of public health and consumer protection, as mandated by the EU Treaties. This will also reduce the fragmentation of the internal market: six EU Member States already have mandatory rules to protect children from the marketing of HFSS foods and one more Member State is in the process of preparing such legislation.

We argue that the most effective way of reducing exposure to television advertising is a so-called watershed which would prohibit the marketing of HFSS foods during all hours where children watch television - i.e. between 06:00 and 23:00.