Position Papers and Statements

  • EHN's response on nutrition and health claims

  • October 30th 2003
  • In this paper, EHN sets out its position on the European Commission's proposal for a Regulation on nutrition and health claims. EHN welcomes the restriction of claims to foods that have a specific nutrient profile but finds that the Commission's proposal does not consider the promotion of public health sufficiently.

  • WHO Global Strategy for Diet, Physical Activity & Health - EHN comments (July 2003)

  • July 31st 2003
  • Please find here EHN's comments in respect of the World Health Organization's (WHO) initiative to develop a global strategy on diet, physical activity and health.

  • Nutrition and Health Claims: A European Heart Network Position Paper

  • April 30th 2001
  • 'Nutrition' claims are messages on food packaging or advertising that draw attention to the nutritional composition of products. 'Health' claims draw attention to their possible health benefits. In this paper EHN suggests a legal framework in which EU legislation on 'nutrition' and 'health' claims could work to promote public health.