Position Papers and Statements

  • EHN statement on the PURE study

  • September 17th 2017
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    EHN has published a statement on the PURE study. To read the statement, please click here



  • Joint statement to WHO Euro on Action Plan

  • September 14th 2017
  • foodandnutritionPlease click here for the joint statement to WHO Euro on the Food and Nutrition Action Plan.

  • Air pollution and Cardiovascular Diseases: EHN Position Paper

  • July 04th 2017
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    In July 2017 EHN adopted a position paper on Air Pollution and cardiovascular diseases.  The aim of this paper is to provide information about the impact of air pollution on cardiovascular health; when we refer to air pollution, this is outdoor air pollution unless otherwise indicated.  The paper presents recommendations to policy makers for action to reduce exposure to this risk factor.

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  • EHN statement on Evolved Nutrition Labelling Scheme

  • June 16th 2017
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    The European Heart Network (EHN) attended, as an observer, a meeting organised on 22 May by the six companies - the Coca-Cola Company, Mars, Mondelez, Nestlé, PepsiCo and Unilever - that have proposed a simplified front of pack nutrition labelling scheme using a traffic light colour-coding on the basis of portion sizes.


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  • Company front of pack nutrition labelling initiative

  • May 18th 2017
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    EHN has today published a further statement on the proposal of six food giants (The Coca-Cola Company, Mars, Mondelez, Nestlé, PepsiCo and Unilever) to enhance their current simplified front of pack nutrition labelling scheme by adding traffic light colour-coding; also to integrate portion sizes into the colour-coding.

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  • Call for urgent adoption of EU-wide nutrient profiles

  • May 15th 2017
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    Today three health and consumer organisations (including EHN) together with five food companies call for the urgent adoption of nutrient profiles in the context of the EU regulation on nutrition and health claims made on foods (Regulation EC 1924/2006). The nutrient profiles should have been proposed by the European Commission in January 2009 - no proposal has been forthcoming as of May 2017.

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  • EHN statement on the vote in the Culture Committee on the AVMSD

  • April 25th 2017
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    EHN expresses disappointment in the outcome of the Culture Committee vote today on the Audiovisual Media Services Directive.

    Please click here for the EHN statement.


  • EHN statement on the colour-coded nutrition labelling scheme

  • March 07th 2017
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    EHN welcomes the commitment of six food giants (The Coca-Cola Company, Mars, Mondelez, Nestlé, PepsiCo and Unilever) to a robust nutrition labelling scheme that helps consumers make balanced and mindful choices, but urges caution as research shows no evidence that the provision of nutrition information on a per portion basis can reduce consumption.

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  • EHN Paper on research involving animals

  • February 23rd 2017
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    Scientists use animals to learn more about health problems that affect both humans and animals, and to assure the safety of new drugs and medical treatments.  Some diseases can only be studied in a living organism and it is not always possible or ethical to use humans.

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  • EHN statement on current nutrition recommendations

  • February 21st 2017
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    In direct contrast to the conclusions of a recent speech by WHF past-President Dr Salim Yusuf, the EHN Expert Group on Nutrition asserts that there is no reason to question current nutrition recommendations.  Please read the EHN statement here.