Core Values

EHN adheres strictly to the core values hereunder:


EHN sets its strategic objectives and reviews them regularly with its members. EHN is fully accountable to its members for the attainment thereof. EHN is also fully accountable to its project funders, in particular the European Commission. EHN maintains proper books of account and these are audited annually. The audited accounts are publicly available.


EHN is a lean organisation with limited resources. None-the-less, EHN is ambitious, striving to create an environment throughout Europe in which the healthier choice becomes the easier choice and which offers the best possible medical care and support for patients throughout their illness.


EHN will strongly defend its positions opposing interests, views and policies that have the potential to impact negatively on its mission accomplishment.


EHN bases its policy and position statements on fact and best evidence.


EHN is an alliance of Heart and Stroke Foundations fighting cardiovascular diseases. EHN’s member organisations are charities. EHN and its member organisations operate independently of political parties and economic and other vested interests.


EHN considers itself to be a highly dependable partner. Its reputation is based on quality and professional standards of work and the provision of independent, reliable and credible information.

Results driven

EHN strives to be effective through efficient work methods and through ensuring that all its actions contribute in the greatest way to the accomplishment of its mission. EHN evaluates its achievements every year against annual targets, which are set in key strategic areas.